An emerging area of research for our research group is identifying how we might hone our personality traits to gain success in the areas of personal relationships, business, sport, and academia. Working alongside PhD student, Louise Wallace, we have conducted a systematic review of work into a phenomenon called successful psychopathy where one uses psychopathic personality traits (minus the antisocil behaviour) to manipulate their way to the top (Wallace et al, 2020). We are currently working on a psychometric scale to measure this propensity in the hope of developing training to increase one's own toolkit. 

In addition to this, I am working closely alongside academics and athletes (in addition to business partners) to better understand personality traits which can be used and developed to reach success. One such example is recent work alongside Dr. Boban Simonovic (2020) in which we developed a series of critical thinking workshops to help develop our online learning students. Interesting, compared to a control group who did not take part in the workshops, our students achieved higher grades and showed greater critical thinking skills. Such skills will form the basis of many of our coaching sessions. 

Looking forward, I am writing up a series of studies with Psychologist Dr. Philip Clarke, in which we identified personality traits in elite Football players in a means to typifying the traits which would best contribute to their success. This is exciting and never-before seen work!