Academic Coaching 

- Enhancing the student experience -

Dr. Dean Fido

Experienced research psychologist with expertise in online teaching.

With guidance and coaching, I aim to help you develop your academic skill - regardless of your current career stage. From undergraduate mentoring to closing out your PhD. 

What Can I Do For You?

My core services are listed below, however I'm happy to receive e-mails for more specific requests.


Academic Coaching

Working with you to develop your understanding of psychology-related topics and helping you to unlock your full potential - regardless of your current academic stage. Parallel to this, I mentor you as a way of helping to guide your academic decisions.


Essay Critique & Feedback

Websites exist which offer to write your essays for you. I want to develop your academic writing and critical thinking skills. I will read through your essay draft and provide in-depth critical feedback in the hope that your final submission will reflect your full potential. 


Research Project Planning

Drawing upon my expertise in research project leadership, I can help you to develop realistic research ideas - from small to large projects - and critically evaluate your decision making along the way. I will also advise on ethical considerations and applications.  

Trusted by Students and Research Partners

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Let's Take Your Academic Career to the Next Level

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Supportive and Encouraging

"Dr Fido has a unique and intuitive sense on how best to reach his students. He taught me the importance of learning how to work smarter by prioritising my work and managing my time on tasks. Additionally, I found his approach to teaching both supportive and encouraging, as he was able to understand the difficulties I was having, as well as provide me with the tools I needed to find the answers for myself and achieve my goals. I found him always professional and responsive to my queries and he continuously provided valuable advice which has allowed me to develop my research skills and critical thinking. His style realistically and critically challenged me, allowing me to grow in confidence as both a student and a researcher and enable me to reach my full potential."

Louise W.

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Confidence and Positive Attitude

"I received my MSc. in February 2020 and was recently accepted onto a PhD programme. I have benefited greatly from having Dr. Fido as my academic coach. I had been out of education for twenty years, and was concerned that my lengthy absence may hinder my progress. However, Dr. Fido instilled a sense of confidence and his positive attitude alleviated my fears. He clearly and concisely gave me the tools to achieve a very good final grade. His explanation of how to write a scientific paper was vital. Dr. Fido also created excellent online tutorials which were easy to follow, gave in depth insights into scientific procedure and were my main source of information when revising a specific topic. He also stressed the importance to attention to detail and his explanation on critical thinking is something I apply not only in my studies but in day to day life as well. Dr Fido was patient with me and very encouraging. Moreover, his knowledge and faith in my abilities means I now embrace statistics and relish writing articles and papers. Furthermore, thanks to Dr Fido I now have a number of peer reviewed publications - something unthinkable 3 years ago. "

Neil D.